“Crew” written by writer/director Stien Davis, which was optioned back in Janurary by Epic Journey has now entered the first stages of prep. “Crew” is a story about Solomon, heir to the Carmon organized crime dynasty. As the nation stands divided by color, Solomon’s crew blurs those lines while waging war with Los Angeles. Ten years ago Solomon’s father died in a mysterious bombing in downtown LA.  His homecoming ignites a powder keg, casting Solomon and his crew head first into a ten-year-old nightmare.  Each the heir to one of the head LA organized crime factions: the Black and Italian Mob, the Mexican Cartel, and the Irish Mob, The 5150 barely dodge dirty cops and mob hitters while exposing long forgotten secrets in their search for answers. The more they uncover the truth, the darker and more twisted the nightmare becomes. Old habits die hard as they solve a mystery riddled with deceit and betrayal, all the while just trying to stay alive.

Producers Chris Neville and Anthony L. Gilardi (The Wine Guy Unplugged, Myles of Style and Pizza With Bullets) will co-produced the film. Post production sound will be done by Unversal, headed by Brad North (300, Faster, House MD, Banshee, Justified). This project is currently in development.


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