Mech Wars 1

“Mech Wars 1” another universe written for film by writer/director Stien Davis, is officially in development.  The Earth, in the not so distant future, bands together against a singular, powerful, extraterrestrial enemy. While human existence hangs in the balance, we learn this enemy has been here before, and they have returned with those they had taken years ago. Their invasion […]

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Friend Request

“Friend Request” written by writer/director Stien Davis, is officially in development. “Friend Request” is a true story about two high school sweet hearts who meet online and fall in love.  Even with the support of their parents, even their true love must walk the path of a long distance relationship, high school, homework, and the growing pains of adolescence. Producer […]

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You Are In The Q

The latest Epic Journey Films production The Q has begun. The pilot episode is in the can, shot at the flossy Red Room in Manhattan Beach. The “Q” is a provocative new web series dedicated to contemporary entertainment culture including music, film and fashion, and how it interrelates with the internet. The show’s host is Einstien, writer, director and recording […]

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“Crew” written by writer/director Stien Davis, which was optioned back in Janurary by Epic Journey has now entered the first stages of prep. “Crew” is a story about Solomon, heir to the Carmon organized crime dynasty. As the nation stands divided by color, Solomon’s crew blurs those lines while waging war with Los Angeles. Ten years ago Solomon’s father died in […]

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Epic Journey Films has completed filming on the short film entitled “Flashback” written by Sid Mallya and directed by Stien Davis and Anthony L. Gilardi. “Flashback” is a story about Ali, a Pakistani American dying in a random alley. As he begins his departure from this world, we experince his life flashing before us, but is it the life he lived, or […]

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