Mech Wars 1

“Mech Wars 1” another universe written for film by writer/director Stien Davis, is officially in development.  The Earth, in the not so distant future, bands together against a singular, powerful, extraterrestrial enemy. While human existence hangs in the balance, we learn this enemy has been here before, and they have returned with those they had taken years ago. Their invasion reunites Marissa, a young, fearless soldier, with her war hero father.  She is lead engineer of Project Morphitech: a secret US/China collaboration to create hybrid battle tech weaponry to combat an even more secret forthcoming enemy. Her reunion with her father could be the key to the very survival of our species as Top Guns from around the globe unite against an enemy on a new battle field, one where the very steed you ride into battle, becomes the armor you wear when you get there.

Producer Chris Neville will produced the film. This project is currently in development.

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