If they ever tell my story, let them say that I walked with giants…

- Odysseus


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Air Force Veteran Richard “Stien” Davis began his film career with Saban Entertainment, acting in such films as Adams Family Reunion, The Cowboy and the Movie Star, and Casper Meets Wendy. Since then, he has provided production marketing support for entities such as Sprite, Kobe Bryant, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Beats By Dre and 2K Sports.

As a consultant, Stien produced commercials, social campaigns, and music videos for a number of years before becoming  a writer/producer for EJF.  Now CEO of Epic Journey Films, Stien is the creator of many Epic properties including Friend Request, Crew, and Coup d’etat.  On the creative side he is a songwriter, a recording artist, and a founding member of the FlavaJunkies.  Stien is also a member of the Writers Guild of America.

Yadda Yadda:
Artist, Writer, Director, Producer

Crazy Charlie:
Director, Producer, Sound Design

Artist, Writer, Director, Producer

Director, Producer, Sound Design